You know what, when it came down to it I had quite a few items to choose from for Aussie Curves second hand week. Hand me down, swapped and eBay items make up the bulk of it. I looked at it all, hung it out where I could see it and went about trying to make sure these items made it into my everyday wear so I could grab a pic.

In the end, the surprising winner were these ASOS Curve jeans I picked up from Caitlin not last year, the year before. They’re practically vintage. In summer. I know. I must be mad. It’s been hot here, but you know what happens when it gets hot? Everyone cranks their air conditioning and I spent my days in a huddled bundle under my desk freezing my butt off. So jeans, light weight with cuffed hems have made their way back to the wardrobe already. I think a heavier denim may still be months away.

Paired with this oversized baseball tee from 17 Sundays BASIC and the tan accessories, this is a casual, comfy outfit perfect for a morning at the shops, movie dates or air-conditioned cafe. I added the hat because it just seemed SO perfect with the side plait, but alas, I’m just not a hat person. Let’s lament this fact for a moment, shall we… Sigh.

plus size baseball tee with jeans 003

plus size baseball tee with jeans 004

plus size baseball tee with jeans 002

plus size baseball tee with jeans 005

plus size baseball tee with jeans 001

Do you wear pants in Summer? Please don’t tell me you’re a hat person!

Jeans – ASOS Curve
Baseball tee – 17 Sundays
Sandles – eBay
Bag – Autograph Fashion
Hat – VonZipper

plus size baseball tee with jeans 007

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