Gooooooooood morning folks! So it’s ruffles week for the Aussie Curves girls and I was all ready to sit this one out. I used to have this amazing Ralph Lauren crossover top with a ruffle along the crossover hem. It was amazing and I loved it for a number of years before the black dye in the ruffle {a different fabric to the rest} faded and was almost gray so I got rid of it. Had I had that top I would absolutely be wearing it. But I don’t. So I’m not.

And it turns out I have no clothing with ruffles. Clearly, ruffles and I do not agree. So when I was looking for a necklace or something for this once again very monochrome outfit, I came across this handmade ruffle brooch. Perfect. Two birds with the one stone as it was. Ruffle week would be completed and I had THE perfect excuse to wear some new shoes I picked up from Torrid via Jess.

Orange in winter, how very sunny days of me.

And then THIS happened!!

Don’t you HATE THAT!? Some description of poo brown smudge on these new shoes. Gah. The worst. I sulked all the way to the car, rubbing the mark to try to remove it with my skirt. Trying my very best to ignore it while Hubby and I continued along on our adventure before FINALLY arriving home where I managed to remove the mark completely. Woo-freaking-hoo. If these orange beauties had been ruined I would have had a hissy fit akin to a over-tired and hopped up on sugar 2-year-old.

You know what I mean right? I’m not alone in this why can’t I have nice THINGS thing, am I? When I spill egg on a brand new t-shirt, or I trip over and scuff the toe of a new pair of shoes. It’s not confined to fashion either. When my new car was first backed into and then hit in the side panel with a trolley in the first 3 months I thought it too. WHY? Why can’t I have nice things? I wonder sometimes. But I have to remind myself to write it off as a bad day, rub the stains out and try again.

Phew. Just made it in there with the ruffle badge. Just.


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