Retro week is one I enjoyed participating in last year with the Aussie Curves ladies. I went SUPER retro. I laughed that it was practically little house on the prairie retro.  The King and I was referenced. It was old school. This time around I knew early who I was going to bring on board as style inspiration. It’s someone who more and more impacts the way I dress if not in look, in spirit.

Katharine Hepburn.

I just love her tailored, simple but classic style. The masculine shirts worn in soft fabrics or buttoned. That subtle sexy feel. I like that. It’s not showy or over the top. It’s classic. Elegant. Simple. So with Katherine in mind I pulled on some wide leg pants {I only have them in black, what I wouldn’t do for a gray or pale blue pair} and this boyfriend shirt I picked up on sale over at Madison Plus.

The end look is something I would absolutely wear to the office. To dinner with those pale blue or grey pants if I ever find them. This lightweight shirt is such a beauty it really doesn’t need much at all. I can’t wait to pair it with some jeans and strappy shoes. Or tuck it into a full skirt. It’s going to show up often around here, I can tell! And now, on to the photos.

We took these images outside a local solicitors office in Mary Street, Gympie. Fingers crossed they don’t have security cameras. Awkward. A week or two ago I mentioned how great my town is for pockets of hidden beauty. Great buildings, beautiful restorations. It’s gorgeous. And Dani from Hello Owl said, well SHOW US SOME! So this is my attempt to comply. Challenge accepted and all that.

Boyfriend Blouse – Madison Plus Select
Classic Black Pants – Autograph {2009}
Glitter Toe Pump – Evans

Which retro ladies inspire you?


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