Are you REDeeeeeey for this?
Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.
It just slipped out.
So moving on, right?


This week that Aussie Curves challenge was to get our red on. No problem I thought. I’ll just pair my red heels with some black and a red lip and be done with it. And then I thought I’d get creative and pair a new pair of hot pink shorts with the red heels and a necklace and call it clashing colour blocking. Then it turns out I picked up the wrong size shorts and they wouldn’t do up. Grrrr. So I ransacked my wardrobe and found this old favourite.

This top I picked up at MYER about three years ago. I love it bad and worn it on and off since. But I just never wore it any more. You know how it happens, new stuff comes in, you wear that on rotation over and over and the old stuff slips further and further back in the wardrobe. As soon as I saw it I knew what there was to do. Dark blue jeans, cream clutch and of course since this is a RED challenge red necklace and heels.

Hubby and I took a look at some other fashion blogs over the weekend and brushed up on our outfit post photo skills. When we get the opportunity to we plan on delivering post content that would be useful, detailed and offers clear and fun photos. Maybe one day we’ll get it to the point where the photos are something to oooo and ahhh over. This pretty bushland setting certainly helps with that. It’s a bit gorgeous, yes?

Top – Basque Women

Necklace – Autograph

Jeans – ASOS Curve

Clutch – Target

Heels – Woman by Morrissey for Big W

{some brand associations exist, please refer to my disclosure policy}

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