Well hello there. Did I tell you about my sister’s aversion to all things spotty and dotty? Well she hates them. Cute on kids, she says, but silly on grown ups. For ages I never really even picked up anything polka dotty in store  without a chuckle. Then I picked up a spotted shift style top from Best & Less and it sort of opened the flood gates, much to her disgust. But she loves me, so she deals with it quietly. I’m a stripes girl, always will be, but I like to mix it up sometimes with a little spot or two.

Dots just add a cute factor I rarely get in my clothes. I think that’s what I like. It’s pretty much the same thing sis isn’t a fan of. This would be a pretty dull outfit without the hint of polka dots. Wonky ones at that. The coloured denim is pretty much a stock standard thing for me these days, a little ho-hum, there’s Melissa with a coloured butt again. Woo hoo. Sigh. Joking! But really, it adds a bit of fun, don’t you think? The spots.

Something else that just finishes is this cute necklace I won over at Shop Me Chic. I’m like the ultimate double win for them and the brands in that giveaway because of course, I’ll link to them when I wear them. And they were already giving this stuff away anyway. Score for them and score for me because I love a good competition win. And this one was pretty fab. Lots of necklaces and jewels which we all know, my closet was seriously lacking.

So short version is I am pretty much in love with this necklace. The colour is the BEST and I figured on polka dot week it adds that little bit extra circular’ness to the outfit with the silver ball sections. The leather strap section of the necklace is tied at the back so you can make it as long or as short as you like, which is great for me because I either like necklaces short or long. Again, I’m a bit fussy like that.

Necklace – Nerine Anne Designs {won}
Blouse – Avella for BigW
Singlet – Avella for BigW
Jeans – Virtu {similar}
Wedges – Kmart

{some brand associations apply, please see my disclosure policy}

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