Well well well would you lookie here! It’s Aussie Curves: Peplum week and I can just TELL the ladies are going to come out in force. Peplum is one of those trends I took a while to get on board with. I saw all the usual commentary on the style and had believed them.

But for me and my quite straight, rectangular body type peplum does wonders for when I want to feel curvy, shapely and like I have a waist. Funny side story. Someone on Pinterest said that it reduces the definition at my waist and I have to completely disagree. You’ve seen me in bodycon. What waist curve?

But anyway, if you are curious I encourage you to try a number of styles on. Here’s a plus size peplum shopping guide I put together a while back. Each retailer has a slightly different cut or length. I strongly recommend trying some on to find what works for you. Anything that starts too high waisted doesn’t work for me I turn into boobs mcgee. A longer line, low placed peplum is where it’s at for me.

But now, let’s see the pics and talk about the colour. You know. The important stuff.

I’ve worn this top to work a few times, layered with a black suit or a simple pencil skirt on it’s own. It’s a great colour and nothing picks you up more than a dash of hot pink. For me anyway. It’s one of those colours that just works on me. The funny part is that when I was younger my Dad used to point out colours he knew would suit my sister and I given our colouring. We laughed at him and told him to stick to more manly pursuits than colour matching. But he is almost never wrong.

It’s an interesting thing the whole colours that suit, what works and what doesn’t thing. As someone who changes their hair colour fairly regularly I’ve become pretty honed in on what works for me but that can change when I make a change to my hair. Or even when I’m out in the sun more and my skin just naturally darkens. For example when I had red hair, I could never have pulled off this colour. Though that said, I’m probably the only redhead in the world who can’t pull off wearing some shades of green. Weird.

Top – Autograph Fashion {sold out online}
Skirt – Virtu {old stock}
Black Ankle Strap Wedges – Target Australia {gifted}



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