Ahh Mondays, it just wouldn’t be the same without an Aussie Curves post. This week, pastel week, I was in a world of hurt. I knew I could rehash the coloured denim look I love so much with my mint coloured jeans. I wanted something different though. Something that was vacation comfortable without being too daggy. Luckily Just Jean’s came to the rescue with this adorable tee from the men’s section. Speaking of men! Here’s my man who also happened to wear pastel… Matchy-matchy!

This week Hubby and I are staying with Danimezza and her gorgeous family. The boys are all getting along beautifully which means we are all set for some serious lady bonding time. Which means, Aussie Curves is proudly brought to you by this gorgeous location opposite a very busy entrance into Coles. D’oh. Bit of a fail. It apparently means you have to be ever vigilant to not get run over by a truck and very prepared to prance and pose in front of turning traffic. Keeping watch and letting the photographer know when they are coming is serious business. As you can see…

So let’s talk about this men’s tee. It’s a bit gorgeous with the pastel colours and cute print on the front. Its bathing beauties with the words Just Chilling Out for those playing at home. And at two for $50 for new stock, I was happy with that. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt as a plus-size shopper, it’s to take cute items when and where you can get them. I have another one almost identical to this with pale blue sleeves and different print. So versatile, I love that.

This shirt was quite fitted in-store, I wore it for about 20 minutes before taking the photos. It stretched nicely to give that flitted across my boobs but looser at the waist and stomach fit that I love. So don’t be afraid to buy a little smaller when it comes to t-shirt material. Especially men’s shirts. I find it you buy them too baggy then you might as well be wearing a sack. Ladies with pear shapes this look might not be for you without some customisation. Consider knotting them over a dress or to expose some mid-drift for the brave to define your waist.

If I didn’t need the pastel boost I would absolutely have worn my converse sneakers with this look. Nothing beats comfy old jeans and sneakers for a day shopping and prancing about for photos. Were you expecting serious outfit post type action? I really hope not. I was having too much fun and half the photos are crazy faces and mad looks. That’s what you get for requesting a location that requires the photographer on the other side of the road. HA. But there are lots of cool pics, a funky accessory {hello Sugar Coated necklace!} and some casual flats. Don’t you think these kerbside purple flowers are THE best? They go so beautifully with pastels.


Tee – Just Jeans {Mens}
Jeans – ASOS Curve {2010}
Shoes – Target {Gifted}
Sugar Coated Necklace – Virtu {Gifted}

{some brand associations exist, please see my disclosure policy}

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