My favourite look this autumn/winter has been the oversized t-shirt or jumper over skinny jeans or Ponte pants. I love an oversized knit and bun too. Then there’s oversized bags and sunglasses, well the list is endless. I went through my wardrobe looking for something different, something you hadn’t seen before. You loved the floral blazer over an oversized t-shirt and Ponte pants, you really like the sized up tunic belted over a cardigan for boho week… So what the heck would I do?

I’d go big on everything. Big hair, big shoes, big big big. Then it was Tuesday and I still didn’t have a post so I decided I’d share my going to the movies outfit. After all oversized is anything that is larger in proportion than normal and this tunic sweater certainly fits that bill. So excuse me while I take a bit of creative license with this week’s theme. After all, the tunic fits beautifully, it’s hardly what springs to mind when you think oversized, but the fact it is what it is and the length it is, it totally works.

Just a note on the tunic knit, a lot like my knit dress, can be worn over jeans, Ponte pants and even tights if you’re feeling brave. It’s not often I pair it was a maxi skirt but heck, it was comfortable and something different so worth a go, right? Even if I did almost trip myself over catching the heel of my boot in the skirt. But that might just be me, I have a gift you see. A gift for tripping myself over. I might stick to pants from here on out. Haha.

Knit Tunic – 17 Sundays {gifted 2012 – sold out}
Necklace – From Hubby
Skirt – Target
Boots – Bare Foot Tess
Men’s Watch – Fossil {2009}

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