Planning for the Aussie Curves metallic week started around here about the time that I used one of the only metal toned items I owned in the last Target post. I realised soon afterwards that this theme was coming up and I get a little stuck with what I might do. I don’t own a lot of metal toned items. Even though I’d LOVE some rose gold toe capped shoes… BUT I had this chain link necklace with three tone metal from the clothes swap in November and figured I’d build something around that.

Then I got sick. And tired. And sick and tired.

So for the first time in eons, I’m posting an outfit I put together specifically for the theme, wore for 5 minutes and took off. Before crawling back into bed, obviously. The necklace is still in but no longer the focus and I’m really happy with the result, I even look awake and like I’m set for a night out with the girls that involves a casual dinner and lots of drinks. Casual cool. I mean sparkle, silver sequins leggings, how could I not!?

These sequins leggings from ASOS Curve are on loan to me from Nat, are a size 22 and are for sale for $20 + postage if you’d like them. I have the pictures without the black and white filter if you want the colour details etc, just email me. The black and white analogue film filter is in use as a distraction so you won’t notice I’m dying a little. Filter win.

So yes! Metallic week. Not so smooth but still has turned out quite well, I think. Metallic is such a versatile and trendy item that you can make just about any outfit look modern and on trend using it. I see and hear a lot about rose gold at the moment {still} and for me, I can’t go past silver. So choose your metal and layer it on and congratulate yourself for being such a cool kid.

That’s about it from me. I’m going back to bed.

Top – Avella for BigW
Sequin Leggings – ASOS Curve
Boots – Target {gifted}
Chain Link Necklace – Unknown {swapped}


Do you wear metallics? You should, they’re fun!


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