Nothing is better or easier or more comfortable than a maxi dress. Full stop. I love them, they’re amazing. Luckily around here with a jacket they can be worn pretty much all year round. When I opened that package from Missmel {it also contained the purple dress you guys LOVED}  this black maxi was also inside. This black maxi has ended a search for the perfect casual black maxi. It’s been a hell of a search.

And nothing, NOTHING goes better with dinner with my gorgeous Hubby than a black maxi dress with a cropped denim jacket. A quick stop off at a local car park for some photos {around 5:30 such was our hankering for dinner} and we were busted by half the town. Meh. I’m at the point these days where a bit of posing and prancing for the camera in front of strangers doesn’t worry me that much. My sister in law’s mother though, that was a little embarrassing.

I also managed to somehow compress the images too far and they are a little squished. Whoops. Sorry about that. The landscape ones are still nice though. Maybe just look at those. So much for being all squeaky shiny photographer types. HA. Lies, all lies! We do try hard though. Will the yellow flowers be enough to distract you? I hope so. Enjoy!

Jacket – Autograph Fashion
Dress  – SWAK via Missmel {gifted}
Necklace – Handmade locally
Bracelets – Shop Me Chic Giveaway {won!}
Flip flops – Kmart


Maxi dresses are essential, yes? Discuss.


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