Leggings. I never wear them. Don’t own any. Horrible horrific things you’d never catch me dead in… Oh, wait. Whoops. I wear them almost daily in winter and under any skirt that’s a wee bit too short. Love, love them. But rather than my usual cardigan, dress, leggings and knee-high boots combo, I decided to show you one of my favourite dressy looks. Given a little va-va-voom a few weeks go by this fabulous yellow necklace.

Messy hair and smudgy dark eye make-up are essential.

The bigger the hair, the better for this look, absolutely. Then add a slightly too short tunic for the woot woo effect, black tights and booties. The addition of the necklace in such a contrasting colour is something I’m experimenting with. Normally I would add a cardigan or something if the weather was cooler, but already in Queensland, I can get away with sleeveless as long as you aren’t spending too much time outside. Gosh, I love living here. Especially in the Spring/Autumn months when the skies are BLUE and the days warm. It’s heaven.

Tunic – Autograph

Wilderness Necklace – TS14 Plus

Leggings – Avella for Big W

Boots – Autograph

{some brand associations exist, please refer to my disclosure policy}

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