I have to say that I am a little smug today as I show off my knit photos for this week’s Aussie Curves post. Photos taken in our house, post a movie is a little bit damaging to hubby’s new extraordinary photographer ego. HA. The light’s not great, I’ve tried to correct the colours and they aren’t the sharpest photos on the block, but I think you’ll still get the drift. Hot pink sweater. New black harem-style soft twill pants and the good old seen them a billion times wedges. So chuckle with me a little, would you, while I prance and smirk for the camera a little.

I decided to try on some of these pants the other day.

Assuming they would be the most unflattering things on the planet, I was curious more than anything. Sort of baggy shaped gathered at the mid-calf with pockets on the hips. Not usually something I’d go for. I have narrow hips and Viking calves, I usually avoid all the things above in order to accentuate the good and downplay the bad. but somehow, against all reason these pants work. I can’t wait to wear them with my TopShop neon heels and a tank top to hit the town. Be surprised people, try something new. You never know.

I picked up this cute necklace from Sportsgirl at the airport on my way home from Melbourne. It was 20% off and look great with the added bit of length my extender provides. It’s just as good shorter, so that’s a win. More and more I find myself eyeing of necklaces and quirky little additions for my outfits. with a wardrobe jam-packed full of basics and not so basics accessories feel like the next step. Of course. I look for them everywhere. Especially if they’re on sale. I think you guys would be proud. I’m now a keen, but still a bit minimal, accessories’er!

Pink Neon Jumper – ASOS Curve {sold out}

Necklace – Sports Girl

Black Soft Twill Pants – Autograph

Black Wedges – K Mart

{some brand associations exist, please see my disclosure policy}


How great it neon pink? Seriously.

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