Oh, heeeeey homemade week, nice to meet you! Let’s face it, I’m not really a sew your own kinda girl. I’ve tried in the past, even purchased multiple bundles of supplies and set about cutting and pinning and shaping and laying out. Then I realised that sewing stuff is hard and that I’m not a very patient person at all. Especially because I require Hubby to re-thread the stupid sewing machine needle if it breaks so the whole process is rather lengthy. And annoying. I hold out hope that one day the curtain will lift and it will make perfect sense to me. Fingers crossed.

Until then the best I can do is print out an iron-on transfer and attempt not to burn myself {again} as I iron it on. And given that I was feeling rather charitable I asked Liv if she had a plan for homemade week offering her a t-shirt of her very own. A plan was hatched. I was visiting her this weekend gone and we would go matchy-matchy twin style posts. But as it usually happens we go distracted {in her wardrobe} and didn’t get around to taking the pictures.

So, we did the photos separately with our matched outfits.

We really would have looked funny prancing around the park up the road from Liv’s in matching outfits, I think. Funny though, I’m sure, with us both posing up a storm and trying to keep a straight face. But oh well, there will be another time, I’m sure. Check out my blazer/tee/skinny pants twin Liv over at Wait Until the Sunset {or her link is in the linky party below!}.

I wonder sometimes what it would be like to live in Brisbane near Liv and get to swap clothes, hang out and talk blogs and create outfits all the time. But I think about it sometimes in the same way I considered moving outside of Sydney after spending a week with Dani last year. Does it make you a little odd to move my life just to be near friends and their wardrobes? Or is it as good of a reason as any?

Whatever the answer to that, sometimes it’s nice to daydream.

But that said I’m lucky to have recently found a friend here in Gympie who blogs and loves all things plus fashion too {Hi Desiree!}. She’s also got some major beauty skills, make-up know-how and recent hair qualifications so she’s going to overhaul my lazy attitude to all such things. Or so she says. I am pretty stubborn, so we’ll see. But thank goodness for that, for her, otherwise perhaps I would have had to move. And I really don’t want to. I love my little town and all it offers. After all, I’m a twosome, what the heck would my country mouse Hubby ever do with himself in the city?

Blazer – Virtu {2012}
Tee – Made by Me! Sort of.
Pants – Harlow Australia {gifted}
Wedges – Emerson for BigW
Bag – Target {gifted}


What’s the last thing you wore that you made?

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