Oh howdy there Sugers! Welcome to HEELS week. Um holy heck yes, heels are my favorite. Sometimes I’m just not that into them, but day to day and for special occasions there’s nothing I love more. It’s a sort of rebellion for me. I’m 5’11”-ish and have always heard that tall woman shouldn’t wear heels. Especially given that I’m already a little bit taller than Hubby. Oh the shaaaaaame.

My Dad is the worst offender, often lamenting my shoe choices as I throw my arm over his shoulder. Aren’t you already tall enough, he asks? Why the big shoes? Normally we stand eye to eye, me being well over six foot probably gives him some height envy of some description. Haha. It’s one of those things that he’s still a little bit too old school for my liking.

But you know what? Pffffft.

You can’t stop meeeeeee!

Have heels, will wear them.

The taller the better.

Well, okay, that’s a slight exaggeration  I have to be able to walk in them, stand in them and get across the road safely in them. Practical heels are what it’s all about for me. But then, my version of practical may be a little different to yours. These orange babies for example. Way too pointy heels and a little too big for my feet made them a danger to society. Me mostly but society too I’m sure. Because there’s nothing worse than not being able to walk in your own heels.

If you can’t park it, don’t drive it. And if you can’t walk in them, don’t buy them. Those are my rules for car and heels. You’re welcome. So there you go, all the wisdom I have regarding heels. Wear them even if you’re tall. Wear them if you want to. Don’t if you don’t want to. Wear the ones you can walk in. And have a great time, stuff the rules. Heels week, roll on.

plus size monochrome outfit with heels-6

plus size monochrome outfit with heels-8

plus size monochrome outfit with heels

Top – Best & Less
Belt – From another dress
Skirt – ASOS Curve
Heels – Torrid via Jess

plus size monochrome outfit with heels-7

Heels , love them or loathe them?


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