For a really long time {okay, a few years} I wore my hair a golden shade of copper which pretty much ruled out wearing green at all, surprisingly. Clearly my faux red headed’ness was evident to the colour gods. Because of this I just don’t own much green at all. Luckily I realised when looking for something to wear yesterday that mint green is green and hey presto here we are.

Why mint green didn’t occur to me a while ago is beyond me. Oh well.

And since I was just hanging out recovering from a fun bonfire night with the fam, I went for comfortable. Thank goodness these jeans fit a little looser than they used to because that makes them comfy Sunday attire. I can’t wait though until someone on Pinterst tells me I should have gone up a size in the shirt. Such helpful little cherubs they are. Last week someone told me skinny jeans are for skinny woman.

Hello delete comment.

Load of bull.

But like they say, you get that on a big jobs. You can’t put yourself out there without someone feeling the need to share their issues with you. Why they feel the need to share every thought they’ve ever had with the world is beyond me. But whatever. I’ve always said that people like that are just angry that they believed ‘them’ when they were told that unless you are perfect you’re unworthy of living. Perfect is overrated people. Remember that.

A weird little intro to green week, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Enjoy!

Shirt – New Look
Jeans – Virtu {similar – gifted}
Sneakers – Converse
Sunglasses – Swapped



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