Dark is the theme this week. Dark is so open to interpretation and I love that. At first, I’d planned an all black outfit. This black dress, wedges and some dark make-up. Then bit by bit an outfit came together with items I was ;collecting ;from Dani’s house. The blouse, the shoes {oh my goodness, the shoes!} and finally the loaner necklace that just made it pretty much perfect. Hey presto I have an outfit. Taa dah.

It was late and we were prancing about in dark places taking our photos. Mine were taken in a train station and you’ll just have to pop over and check out Dani’s AMAZING photos to see where her’s were taken. They’re pretty darn awesome. Being all dressed up with nowhere really to go, we hit the MacDonalds Drive Thru. You know, as you do. I even ended up digging through the boot of my car for 5c’s trying not to flash the other cars. But THAT is a story for another time. Probably. Are you interested in drive thru stories?

Can we talk about the fact that a few months ago I was all edgy about ;wearing ;this dress? Edgy about flashing people with my un-ladylike tendency to not keep my knees closed and just a little bit weird about it feeling SO short. I don’t know if it is the billion squats, all the time at the gym or the who cares attitude I’m developing lately, but I LOVE this dress now. I’ve worn it twice since taking these photos. What a difference a few months of outfit photos makes, right?

Looking at it, it doesn’t even look that short.

But you should see me try and bend over in it.

Actually. Forget I said that. Awkward.

Let’s talk about the Virtu blouse for a minute. How gorgeous is it!? It’s a light with a silken feel and button up so it can be worn open or buttoned up. Keep in mind if you’re ordering this one online that the arms are a narrower fit than previous similar blouses. This one is a size 20 and fits nicely. Use me as a guide and figure that out for you in regards to arms. If you need me to show you my guns, I’m happy to. HA.

Shift Dress – ASOS Curve
Blouse – Virtu {gifted}
Necklace – Wild Bling
Shoes – Torrid

{some brand association exist, see my disclosure policy}

Let’s check out the other ladies dark side.

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