Yesterday I hopped into my car and hit the road for Brisbane. A few of the local Aussie Curves ladies were getting together and there was chocolate on the horizon. I’d packed a big bottle of water, cranked the tunes and I was there before I knew it. Small road rage incident aside. He started it, promise. I was half an hour early so I set up in the corner and waited. I should have wandered around and got some photos. Since it turns out I took 10, of which the 7 above were useable. Lucky.

I was joined by Erica and Emma. Then Liv, who I’m not going to let of THAT easy for being half an hour late. We ordered, ate and chatted. It’s always nice to be with people who just get the whole blog thing. It’s especially lovely to be with ladies who get the blog thing AND the plus size fashion thing. Love that. A great night with an amazing venue full of photographable things. Too bad I didn’t get the memo. Whoops.

The end.


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