It turns out that bright nails are my thing these days. Lots of colours and changed often. So this week’s Aussie Curves challenge was right up my ally. But how to decide between my current favs, Revlon Sweet Tart and Rimmel’s Lively Lavender. I decided not to. I decided to just wear one hand of lavender and one of pink. And what better to pair these pastel lovelies then with some mint green.

Mmmm, mint green. Where have you been all my life.

Around actually, now that you mention it. My sister, who is six and half years younger than I am. When my Mum was expecting her they set up the nursery with crisp white and the always lovely mint green. My sister was born and covered in mint green for the next few months. It makes me think of her. I associate it with being sweet, and beautiful, and perfect. Which until the middle of the night crying started she absolutely was. Ha.

Now this outfit has its challenges. Being a body con skirt it’s rather flattering with a shirt tucked into it. The buttons on the Lily & Lou top pull a little around my boobs. But together they make a fab combo and I’m all kinds of in love with it. Perhaps a long line blazer would work to smooth over the lumps and bumps and give me the streamline look I love.

Or maybe I’ll just get brave and wear it anyway.  You never know.

Top – Lily & Lou

Skirt – ASOS Curve

Heels – Big W

 Polish – Rimmel {Lavender} & Revlon {Pink}

{no brand associations exist at this time}

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