Breaking all the fashion rules can be as simple as wearing what you want, when you want. There are plenty of voices out there who will tell you what they think you should and shouldn’t be wearing. Even more who will tell you that there’s a fixed method to looking good and being ‘cool’. I’m all for trends and new season looks and all that, it’s fun to watch the colourful world of fashion whiz by. But don’t ever let anymore dictate to you what you can and can’t wear. Your style and expression of that are as unique as you are. So honour that.

That’s the biggest rule breaker move out there, I think.

This is me. I am hardly ever made made up, my hair always looks like it escaped from somewhere with static and I’m usually dressed in some casual, layered something something of an outfit. Something like this that doesn’t really make sense but sort of works too. Well I think so. I enjoy myself when I dress. Sure it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea {I can’t wait for someone on Pinterest to mention my shirt is too small or pants aren’t flattering} but I’m okay with that.  That’s rule breaking, my friends. Wearing what you want, when you want. Haters gonna hate.

T-Shirt – Busted Tees {really small, try if size 18 or smaller}
Geo Print Shrug – Hope & Harvest {sold out online – gifted}
Crop Harem Pants – Autograph {similar}
Ankle Strap Sandals – Target {similar}


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