Aussie Curves is an all-new post series where Aussie plus-size bloggers are coming together to show off a range of outfits from the one prompt. Our international friends have been doing similar things for a while. Working together for their benefit and the benefit of their readers. After all, if you want to wear boots one post is good, half a dozen posts are better! Right?

Aussie plus-size bloggers unite!

I almost didn’t play along this week because I thought you guys might be sick of seeing my old favourite boots week after week. These Autograph boots have served me well for almost two full seasons now of hard-core wear. I love them. So when the current season stock was being sold out for $49, I jumped and picked myself up a back up pair. Wide calf boots for everyone! {Be fast, the stock is low and all sizes not available}. Anyway, where was I…

So today when I woke up, I thought what the heck, I’ll get some photos and play along. So I put on my outfit of the day and put my camera, remote and tripod in my car. It turns out that even though it’s in full sun, the place I park my car has loads of cool spots for photos. So I took some. Prancing and posing on the rooftop car park like a loony. You’re welcome. Hard work apparently because there wasn’t a smile in this whole set of photos.

What’s the matter, Suger? Sun in your eyes?

So here are the pics. And how fabulous, if I do say so myself is the Rebecca top with the striped skirt and blue bag. I love when stuff just works. Speaking of work, this outfit might have pushed the boundaries a little. One of my colleagues commented on my top today saying, it’s a bit bright for the dress code, isn’t it? She was absolutely right, of course. But sometimes you’ve got to be a little bad. And now, more photos..!

Cardigan – Autograph

Rebecca Tee – Virtu

Stripe Skirt – Virtu

Boots – Autograph

Bag – Guess

{Some brand relationships apply, please refer to my disclosure policy for information}

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