Well hello, ladies and gents. I was running a little late with my post this week. For me, that is, I’m usually all set to go live first thing on Monday. The linky IS open all week though, so Tuesday is doing okay. Excuses, excuses. Ha. So this week’s theme is BLING. I was all like, errr what the heck am I going to wear for bling. Do I need to hit the junk shop costume sections and get myself a giant spinner necklace or something?

I didn’t.

Instead I went for the whole metallic, embellished look. Even then I was lucky I had grabbed this tunic at the last minute at the Plus Size Fashion Weekend clothes swap. It’s a lovely blush colour, lightweight and embellished to the max. What does annoy me about it is that they didn’t continue the second layer of material under the waist and so it’s sheer and you can see the pockets and such? Why would they do that is my main question?


My camera and I are getting along well at the moment. I can’t wait to get a new lens and some decent editing software and really go to town with it. But mostly, it’s nice to check out what it can do and what ideas Hubby and I can come up with together. Originally I’d planned to put these photos into black and white. Hubby suggested the pink. He was right, it gives it a light and sort of romantic look to it which goes really well with the top.

I’d turn the world soft pink if I could. Like a Legally Blonde movie. Did you know they shoot the primary character, Elle, in a soft pink light? I love bonus features discs there is always so much to learn about random stuff. Useless probably and pointless mostly but FUN. But anyway, pink lighting is all kinds of lovely and if you can’t get it through a filter or creation or whatever, then I might as well fake it with a quick filter edit. Right?

Tunic – Riche {Swapped}
Necklace – Lovisa
Tights – Avella for BigW
Shoes – Torrid

{no brand associations currently exist}

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