Well this theme is a fun one! I look forward to seeing what the other ladies come up with. Me? I really wish my perfectly coloured peach blazer didn’t cost me almost $100 so I could be wearing it with this outfit too. Haha. But what I can I do. Rules are rules so here I am without the blazer in an outfit that cost me a grand total of $50. Challenge accepted and met my friends.

I’ve been considering the costs of my outfits lately so this theme really is perfect. Not just the monetary cost, the cost of producing it, the labour used and whether that person is being fairly compensated and is safe. I’ve also been reworking the Budget Fashionista series which is being turned into a workbook {due out soon!}. What we spend on fashion is an individual thing.

We all have different levels we are comfortable spending of clothes, we might be at the start or at the end of our wardrobe journey. My wardrobe is jam packed so I don’t really need to add to it that often. For ages it wasn’t that way but I didn’t really WANT to buy anything. Some ladies op shop, clothes swap or share and some scour the sales.

Whatever it is, $50 means something different to each of us. That’s why this is going to be so much fun!

Here’s some tips I shared on reusing and recycling the clothes you have to expand your wardrobe

Dress – Forever 21 + $20 {secondhand}  Necklace – Diva $5 Shoes – Torrid $25 {secondhand} disclaimer_aussiecurves11

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