Four day week! Yahooooooo.
Now this, this is something I could get used to. Yahoo. Seriously, I think that I need to move interstate for the rest of the year to enjoy some more public holidays. Around here, we’re pretty much all out! Until Christmas, that is. You’ll have me at your house, right!?
So today I was back at work. My daaaaay job. And lately it has been becoming more and more obvious just how hard people are doing it out there. People that usually would have been reasonably comfortable. Life is tricky at the moment. People are working hard and most are getting nowhere. 
And I’m not very socially sympathetic, ask my friends, I think we all have opportunities presented to us. Yes, of course in varying quantities and of varying quality. And we choose to either go for or not. Most people find it easier to pick not. They choose safe. And stay where they are never really venturing out of their comfort zone. 
And in my experience it is those same people who will complain until the sun goes down (and comes back up again and goes down again!!) about their circumstances and call others LUCKY. Like stuff just happens for them. Without effort. Or time. Or even skill. A happy accident. 
So yes. I get it. People, some people who I love dearly even, are doing it tough. And some aren’t. I think it is important that we don’t assume that it is because they got lucky. Shall we. Perhaps these people {say, like Hubby & I, for example} put in the hard yards to lay the groundwork over the past 10 years and are just now, one of the few, reaping a harvest. 
That’s not lucky. It is good planning, hard work and maybe more lean times then can be counted on both hands. It’s important we all remember that. I know for me, I have to remember that when I hear of a new baby or a pregnancy. I don’t know what groundwork went into that. What sowing they did to reap that harvest.
Right, so, there are my thoughts of the day. A rant in some ways I suppose.
What did you do/think about today.
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