I sat here this morning. Earlier when I should have been working and sort of was but I was waiting for an upload to happen. And I was thinking about the swimwear post. About the things we build up in our head to be a big deal but really aren’t. Like HAVING to wear board shorts to cover our rear ends or like not wearing horizontal stripes. I answer questions all the time about them. Is it okay, what should I do and who should I trust?

Trust me.

Listen to me.

Are you ready? It’s not a big deal. Not. A. Big. Deal. At all. I know if feels like it is right now. Right now the idea of baring your knees or upper arms feels like the worse idea ever. Your stomach is clenched, you’re feeling a little warm just thinking about it… Not to mention that jerk in your head is going a little NUTS. But stop all that. Stop for a moment and consider that it’s not a big deal.

Maybe you’re nervous because you’ve judged another person’s outfit before and fear the same judgement. Well firstly, karma. Hello. Secondly, stop doing that. The fastest and easiest way to stop feeling like everyone is judging you is to stop judging other people. Stop critiquing them in your head and comparing them to your standards of appearance and dress. You’ll find that once you let this go that the fear looses its hold a little.

It’s like when you buy a red, zippy, little car and all of sudden the roads are filled with red, zippy, little cars. It’s an awareness thing. If your radar is set to judgement and criticism you should expect to hear more in your hear, see more and hear more. I don’t know why, apparently it’s a brain receptor thing. So stop being critical and watch the critical people disappear. And if they don’t disappear out of your life then maybe it’s time to give them a shove.

Because what you wear, how you wear it and when is not a big deal.

It’s not a big deal, in fact you probably don’t care when your sick.Ā 

When your child is in danger, what you’re wearing as you dash out the door wouldn’t be given a second thought.Ā 

It probably doesn’t even matter if were ducking to the shops to grab a gift for a friend in need.Ā 

Nope. It doesn’t matter. It’s certainly not a big deal. People are a big deal. Being generous, kind, loyal and loving is a big deal. But this isn’t. My point is that it never is. Not really. What you wear is the smallest of small things to give over your powerful brain space to. So if you like board-shorts wear them. Goodness knows HOW you deal with the chafe, but maybe that’s just me. If you like stripes, wear them. If you like shorts cut below you bum, leggings as pants, crop tops over 25 or any of those other social no-no’s then wear them.

Wear ALL the things. It’s really not a big deal.

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