This kid and I are hanging out all day today and all day tomorrow. How much fun is THAT!? I love my Arleigh Jade. And she’s so much fun at this age. So responsive and fun. 
I’d share a more up to date pic with you {this one is a couple of months old}. BUT precious girl was being a bit cheeky the other day and took herself out in the process. Sooooo she has a magnificent shiner and split eyebrow. 
It’s weird. I remember the day her Dad split his eyebrow open slipping on a wet swimming club bathroom floor. This is a small one compared to that. But weird, don’t you think, how life can go in full circles some times.
I’ve got a post brewing. A thinking one. One that I’ve been writing and deconstructing since late last week. I’m hoping to get it finished. That, of course, will depend on my little friend up there. 
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