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In the nineties it was all about being the thinnest version of yourself. Collar bones, hip bones, ribs. the more bone on display the better. Addict chic and all that. Bit by bit over the past decade we have rallied against it. Rallied against the unrealistic expectation that is the ability of all woman to be rail thin. For some, sure. But for all, no way.

Then the healthy is the new skinny movement arrived.

Strong is the new skinny.

Fit is the new skinny.

Ripped is the new skinny.

Seriously, not a good time to be naturally thin. But for me, who has never had that experience, I was excited! Finally, something that any of us could work towards and gain if we wanted. A healthier ideal. Something worthy of my time and attention. Health, glowing inner health from good clean food, regular exercise and lots of belly laughs. Excellent. I’m in!

But it occurs to me as I scroll through the images of abs and ripped shoulders that perhaps, it’s just a new version of skinny. I mean, don’t stop until you’re proud! Seriously. I’m proud now. So that’s game over for me right? Worst. My version, probably your version, doesn’t match up with the perfect version that is being laid in front of us. It’s as extreme as anything the nineties delivered and competitive as hell. I mean, is a set of six pack abs really something that is out of the box obtainable for me?

Probably not.

I’ve seen the work that goes into them. I see the clean eating, hard training ladies out there. I think of the woman who are as we speak in the process of demanding that their body conform to this most recent of standards. Not the your body at its healthiest but the perfect healthy they see. The pinnacle, THE IDEAL, of the healthy is the new skinny movement.

The thought that health comes in all shapes and sizes appears to have been misplaced somewhere along the way. Already. Overlooked {or more likely ditched, left forlorn in the corner} in favour of bronzed, mega toned, athlete bodies with large breasts and abs you could literally wash clothes on.

I sound like a nutter for abs, I sort of am.

But hang in there, that’s not what this is about. Is this any more achievable  There is still weighing and measuring of food, the bingeing lapses, the guilt, the not measuring up, the long work outs and a large portion of your brain power committed to the final, perfect body shape. The shape just changed… Didn’t it? Or am I cookoo here?

And I don’t mean to criticise anyone doing what they think is best for their body. I know lots of people share my idea of healthy and some are athletes and that’s a different story. I don’t mean to tar all fitness folks with the same brush. Your body, you do what you want with it. It just occured to me that I feel like I’ve been here before in terms of the extremes. A sense of deja-vu if you will. Like if you put a Rachel haircut on it it’d BE the nineties… You know?

So I’m curious, what say you? Are muscles this decades hip bone? Does it occur to you as a bit same same but different? 

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