Some mornings you wake up, and you might as well have stayed in bed. You might as well have tripped out of bed, face planted into the nearby duchess type table and knocked yourself out cold for the day. Yup. Like that.

What happened was I was all set to go to the gym with my sister. I set my alarm for 6.15 and went to sleep. I woke up at 7.15 to the alarm. Darn scrolling thingie must have skipped over an hour. I sent her a message saying tomorrow, I’ve overslept. I started flicking through emails and FB. I dozed off! Without an alarm, and slept through to 9.15!! Whoooops.

So late to work, I arrived and was told that this was the week they would like me to start doing more hours. And the advertising pages which are due tomorrow because of the mid-week public holiday. Whoooops. By this point, my determination to quit caffeine was wavering, saying the least! But at least I had three extra hours of sleep under my belt.

Bit by bit, messages came in, requests were made, I sent emails, and my day was going from bad {but amusing} to worse. When I left for lunch, I hit my really, super-wide opening car door into another car in the car park and was subsequently told off by the owner. No matter how nicely I explained that obviously, it was a mistake, I would give them my number and that I checked for marks she didn’t want to hear it. I was the door basher. Full stop.

It went on, it went up and down, but ultimately I figured I’d cut my losses and try to enjoy myself. Because why not? The rest had been a write off anyway. And it worked out ok. The day ended, I got some good news in my inbox, I tackled some things that needed to be done, and my Hubby was ok to have leftover pizza from the weekend for dinner. Things sort of balanced out.

Off I went to bed to try again today. Seems good so far.

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