It’s on. The second out takes post {now called bloopers, isn’t that more fun. Thanks Kate!} is a long awaited post. I love the fact that you guys love to laugh at me as much as Hubby and I. If the day ever comes that I take myself too seriously to post photos like this, I’m handing in my blogger card. I mean come on, this is the best part! Right? Who’s with me? Haha. Well with me or not it’s totally happening. So get ready to have a giggle. And if you have a better caption for a photo, make sure you share it with us. Lisa had a cracker last time, she had me snorting my coffee. Ready or not, here we go!

funny outfit photo 000

Stop taking photos while I tell you what to do!

funny outfit photo 001

This folks, is my cranky face!

funny outfit photo 002

I was totally NOT picking my nose. REALLY.

funny outfit photo 004

I’m under attack! Bug attack.

funny outfit photo 005

Bugs are gross.

funny outfit photo 006

Great my necklace is stuck on my boob again!

funny outfit photo 007

What? Are you STILL taking photos?

funny outfit photo 008

Hubby decided to play Spiderman…

funny outfit photo 009

So I gave it a shot!

funny outfit photo 010

No really, I have no idea why I did that!?

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