I’m not the only one, right? Who at this stage, before a trip or before a conference, with the packing done and the arrangements made, gets nervous. I can feel the jittery butterflies swarming in my belly and the warm heat that comes from my heart beating that little bit faster. I’m not the only one, right?

The nerves are there but so is the excitement.

Four days in Melbourne.

Lots of time with friends.

Lots of bloggy goodness to soak up and turn into wonderful plans.

Time to relax, to meet up, to eat and to laugh.

Time to shake off the dark clouds that have loomed too near in the past month. Or two.

So the nerves pale in comparison to that. The fear of getting lost, forgetting something, doing something absolutely stupid, pales with that. Feel the fear and do it anyway right?

Ooooo, exciting!

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