When I decided November last year to stop chewing my nails something happened. An obsession of sorts, for nail polish. And because I’m a sharing caring type of girl I thought I’d share some of my favourite colours with you. It’s a victory of sorts this nail polish collection. It says this one time in November, sitting on a friend’s couch, I decided to something. And I did it. It says I’m a person who does what they say they will do. It also says I love bright nails.

So check them out. It turns out all my favourites are by ORLY or Sally Hansen. I grabbed them from the top of the bag and didn’t notice until I was taking these pics. I have a couple of great colours from Rimmel and Loreal. And a few cheapies from the supermarket. But these are the colours I reach for, time after time after time. You’ll see why.

Which is your favourite?

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