Something happened to me after I attended {and these days hosted} so many blogger meet ups. I become a bit of a go to person for questions. Some about my blog. Some about how and what they should do with theirs. I don’t mind it. I just always worry I’m giving incorrect advice. Or send someone into a blog shame spiral over an incorrect category or something. Yes. I’m THAT dramatic. But none the less, I am determined to be helpful. So here goes. Questions blogger’s ask me, and my answers…

When I started, how did I choose my blog name?

I sat in front of my computer one night, after finding out about blogs, deciding to start one and just thought of all the things I could that indicated a positive outlook, looking on the bright side of things and all that. I tried about a million combinations until I typed in sugercoatit.blogspot.com and it was ACCEPTED. OMG. Yay. And Suger with an E was born.

Should I be on ALL the platforms {social media wise}? 

I’m going to say not necessarily. But you should sign up for them all using your blog name or something similar across the board. Don’t make it hard for people to find you. Type in suger coat it just about anywhere you should find me. Then take the time to work out where your audience hangs out and focus on that means of talking to them. Leave the rest with an amazing bio and maybe come back to it later.

Where do I find new readers? 

I don’t know, but when you find out, let me know! Joking. I often find new blogs to read by clicking on comment links or facebook likes on my page or others. So really, I think it’s a case of getting yourself out there. Putting yourself under people’s noses without screeching read my blog at them. Try this in combination with an ad placed on a similar blog to yours {I have three running at the moment myself}. Or ask someone if you can guest post for them. Be ready for them to say yes though. More often than not, they will.

I want to grow my blog, now what?

The first piece of advice I always give here is watch the old trying too hard trap. I’ve written posts thinking THIS will be AWESOME and no one has really read them. I’ve knocked out a post in frustration or a desperate plea to the universe and they have spoken to people. So, you never know, really!

BUT you can get to know your audience. Know what other blogs they read, what they like and deliver it to them. If they go mad for printables, give them more. Love photos from your home. Do that. Try and match what they want to what YOU want and you’ll continue to be happy too. I think THAT’s the most important thing. It’s your blog. Do it your way.

Should I meet my blog friends? 

Yes. Always. Any chance you get. Full stop.

 Did I mention bloggers are AWESOME!?

So, you remembered that I was still working out my new camera? Sigh. The half-light, half dark setting was a tricky one. But there are more photos {from Danielle} and event post link up to come on the Hello Blogger Events page.

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