This week in Friends of Suger we meet Amy from My Life as a Cake. A property managing, crafting, church going mother of two and wifey who lives an hour and bit south of me in Brisbane. I’m pretty sure Amy found my blog on an old property manager post I did {50 Property Manager Secrets} and has been a fab supporter of this blog since. Her own blog underwent a massive name change and makeover and is brimming with joy and light and love. Just like Amy herself. Now, let’s check out what this hot mumma has to say about style.


I’m struggling with my style big time. Being a mother of two, my body isn’t quite what you’d envision from a 25 year old- but I’m not ready to resign myself to a frumpy mummy wardrobe just yet. It’s like starting a wardrobe from scratch- everything that fit me pre-kids now doesn’t, and my tummy needs covering and flattening like never before.

Budget is a huge concern- there’s not a lot of cash left in the family coffers to spend and so I’m learning about what suits me and what doesn’t, so when I finally get a few seconds of time, I can shop quickly and efficently. I’m also very good about scabbing deals from friends wardrobe clearouts. I’ve got two active and messy sons and so my wardrobe has to be functional. If I can’t run, jump and hold a tantruming three year old, it’s not going to get worn. I also love pink, girly and floral- just because I live with three men doesn’t mean I have to dress like one! I’m a work in progress- some days I rock an outfit, other days it’s a complete fail.


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