I watched sisterhood of the travelling pants in the background of drifting in and out of sleep after our garage sale on Saturday and decided that I would bump the gorgeous America Ferrera up my list a little. And here she is. After she burst onto our {Australian, maybe you guys knew how cool she was before} with Ugly Betty there wasn’t much I didn’t see or hear from America that I didn’t like. Young, fresh, comfortable in her own skin and with a personal style that was both elegant and fun, America is a perfect candidate for the Steal Her Style posts. Wait until you see how this young actress has come into her own. It’s pretty darn fabulous. Let’s get started…


I adore America’s fun, modern take on classic shapely woman dressing. The cut of her clothing makes me sigh with envy as it all seems perfectly sculptured to her body with a simple elegance that can be tricky to replicate. But there are a few key ideas here that you can take away and copy for your own wardrobe, first of which is to have a great little black dress or two. Make sure they fit well, look great and always leave you feeling a million bucks.

The next tip is to invest in quality pieces. The dresses and outfits that appear when you search for America are beautifully made, quality pieces. While luxe brands may be out of our price range there is value in finding an item that fits you perfectly and is beautifully made compared to owning 10 items that just don’t cut the mustard. Take the time to invest in key pieces for your wardrobe that you will wear over and over again.

Don’t be afraid to let your hair down and have some fun. A t-shirt tucked into a skater skirt, a fun print, a bold colour or a sweet dress with boots combination. Have your signature style, rock it, but don’t be afraid to incorporate fun into your look. A perfect way to incorporate some fun is to belt up your outfits like America does. Not only does it emphasises your waist and add polish but you can add colour to a black outfit or bling to an otherwise conservative look. Give fun belts a go, you’ll love it.

Steal Her Style America Ferrera


Steal Her Style America Ferrera - Shopping Board

1. Silk Top 2. Wrap Dress 3. Panelled Dress
4. Cropped Blazer 5. Slim Fit Jeans 6. Wrap Top 7. Casual Shirt Dress
8. Gleam Tank 9. Plum Embellished Dress


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