When I first planned this series Ms Amber Riley was one of the ladies I added to the list immediately. Talented, beautiful, fun and confident is just some of the words that come to mind when describing her. Crazy, madly talented is probably more like it, but moving on. When she first arrived on our screens in Glee it was refreshing to see a sassy, fun plus size girl AND she had a great wardrobe.

Bit by bit we got to see Amber’s personal style step away from her character’s style on the red carpet and at events. An evolution similar to those that a lot of us blogging ladies take when I think about it. We look at images of ourselves, make choices based on trends, styles, personal likes and dislikes. Then we arrive! We’ve found a style that is uniquely us and we go for it. That, my friends, is what I love about Amber. She’s so darn relatable.


In my opinion Amber’s look is fun and fresh and oh so funky. It’s the sort of thing you’d see your well dressed girlfriend wearing. Give or take those FABULOUS evening gowns. I love her dressy casual looks. The jeans with blazers or boots, the gorgeous dresses with colours that pop against her skin tone and some serious heels that can only be envied by a style seeking girl like me. I’ve loved the inclusion this year of pencil skirts, monochrome, peplum and ankle strap heels.

So modern, so very now.

And yet I’m sure you won’t believe me but my favourite outfit is actually the one in the bottom right hand corner {I know, you thought the stripe one for SURE!}. It’s a snapped pic, so casual cool and it speaks volumes of a bright and bubbly personality and a great idea of Amber’s own personal style. That belt! I die. So if you are looking to recreate this look get yourself a great pair of slim fit jeans, a beautiful blazer or two, some fun party dresses in great colours and have some fun with texture and prints. The motto here is I like it, I’m going to wear it.

Amber Riley Steal Her Style Collage



Amber Riley: Steal Her Style - Shopping Board

1. Raglan T-Shirt 2. Cigarette Pants 3. Lace Dress
4. Eyelet Dress 5. Leather Pencil Skirt 6. Textured Peplum
7. Sleeveless Collared Shirt 8. Floral Dress
9. Stripe Body Con Dress 10. Indigo Jeggings

 Now fess up, who out there is a Glee fan!?