Yesterday afternoon it dawned on me that with a training even for my work in Brisbane on Wednesday that I was just about out of time to pack my suitcase to head to Melbourne for the ProBlogger Training Event. Holy cow. I needed an outfit for the corporate training. Clothes to fly there and back {so more casual}, two days worth of conference clothes, a few outfits for dinner and a networking event. Phew.

Thank goodness the Room Robe happened on the weekend and all my clothes were hanging nicely in front of me, with a secondary rack perfect for hanging the ‘taking’ items. Like I did for Blogopolis I planned outfits. It turned out that once I was there I mixed and matched them up a bit, but it worked much better than previous throw everything I can jam in and hope for the best methods. This method often left me pants-less. Or worse, without underwear and a toothbrush.

Bad strategy. Very. Bad. Strategy.

So yes. I have a nice combination of pants, leggings and skirts. Surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve packed a single dress. Oh wait, I think I’m flying there in a dress but other than that. None. I have a couple of necklaces, scarves and three blazers after the locals warned me it was COLD. Brrrr. Pink neon ASOS Curve sweater, you’re coming with me! Mint and red jeans. And a maxi skirt or two. Done and dusted.

So go me. Wish me luck getting through today though. It’s going to be a big one. Lots of work to cram into the one day. As in, all the ads and editorials and the normal run of the mill type stuff. But on the plus side, I’m off to see my new second cousin in the afternoon, which I can’t WAIT for. Little bubba boy Jett. But other than that, fingers crossed Sugers, fingers crossed.

Will I see you at ProBlogger?

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