For the last instalment of the Suger Review series for December I thought to myself this one is going to be a wish list. A gift list. For me. I haven’t tried these items. They are wish list type things. So it’s not really a review, more of a hey look what I found! If you can’t do that at Christmas, when can you, right? Most of the people I know and I have an understanding. Don’t buy for me and I won’t buy for you. But sometimes, it’s nice to make a list just the same. A girl has got to dream, right? Plus, my birthday is only three months away, people might need some time to get saving up their cash. So with these very reasonable {and waaaaay silly} reasons in mind, here’s my list. Here is what I would buy myself for Christmas.


Stationary. Always stationary. Kikki K, Type, Woolies, I really, really don’t mind. I just lvoe stationary and collect it like a hoarders keeps newspapers. Actually, it’s pretty similar really if you think about it.


These lawn chairs. Sure they’re a thousand bucks {yup, one THOUSAND dollars} but I think they rock. 64598575876945334_SRfRVHax_c

I really, really want a camera bag. Really. Something that can act as a handbag and still keep my camera safe and sound inside. And a new lens and some software would be awesome too. It’s a fictional list, right? Might as well go all out. Ha.


I just can’t get enough of sippy cups. I’m sure that’s not their official name, but whatever I love them. In fact I already have three, but think it’s very possible that I MUST have one for each day of the week. Haha. The best news is that retailers appear to agree with me with everyone from Typo to BigW selling them. Score.


I found this on Pinterest. Holy cow. That’s all I have to say. I’d like one of these please. The colour, the style, even the adorable little remote. Did I say oh my goodness. Seriously. I can feel my eighties heart beat a little faster at the idea of it. I wonder how loud the sound would be? I hope it would be loud and obnoxious. Something this boom-box’esque absolutely HAS to be.


You know me and Casetagram and how much we looooove each other. Well these pillows are the next phase of that obsession. I want a whole heap of these for on my retro lounge. I want one with photos of me, one of Hubby, one of us and a couple of random things {sunsets, food, coffee and that sort of thing}. It’ll be like a story board of us. On the couch.

And finally these babies. I was sent a news release with these in them and I thought, they look bright and cheerful and colourful. I think I need those in my life. Someone to make me fresh coffee everyday wouldn’t hurt either. Can you ask for one of those for Christmas? Probably not. Siiiigh.

There you go.

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