Adele: Steal Her Style

Ahhh Adele, you gorgeous, ridiculously talented woman you. I was a little slow on the Adele train, just as I am with anything that’s overly trendy. It annoys me a bit. It refuse to get on board because every man and his dog is. More fool me. Her albums speak to me despite never really having had my heart broken, they speak to me of life and the ebb and flow of things. But enough about that. This is about her style and Adele, well she just ooozes style.


The look is vintage with a dash of Melbourne. Why Melbourne? Well the BLACK of course. Everyone knows those Melbourne folks love their black. It’s all the fashion and coffee in their veins. Haha. Now normally I harp on about plus size women in black because for so many of us, for so long it was a do it to look similar thing. This time and for some styles, black is just that elegant chic shade that means everything you own will match. If I had to sum up the winged liner, towering hair and classic lines in a few words I’d call it modern chic.

Think slim and classically feminine silhouettes with voluminous skirts or knits. Big hair and big eyeliner with a pared back, almost naked face. Messy buns with boots, glamourous dresses with the highest of heels and layers. Most of all it’s knowing your style, growing into it and enjoying dressing how you want to dress every day without regard for trends or flash in the pan fashion moments. And false lashes, this style includes a lot of those babies! Haha.

When you’re looking at the collage, note the evolution especially on the red carpet. It happens for all of us, we grow and develop into our own personal style. It was really a fun adventure to see Adele really start to channel her inner diva with gorgeous gowns and dramatic makeup. And I don’t care what anyone said at the time, that floral dress at the Grammys was amazing. The print was all kinds of ridiculous but that was the fun of it. So that’s my final tip, sometimes within your own defined style there is still room to mix it up.


Well it had to be pretty much all black, right? From casual to an evening out black is a pretty go to colour for this vintage inspired look. I’ve included some capes, crops jackets, slim fit jeans {for layering UNDER capes} and even a layered maxi dress which would be perfect styled with some casual flats and a messy bun. Any one of these items would look right at home with some winged eye liner and beehive. Happy shopping!

1. Feather Yarn Cape 2. Layered Maxi 3. Glitter Seam Dress 4. Black Jeans
5. Swing Dress 6. Elbow Patch Cardigan 7. Mesh Insert Bodysuit
8. Button Front Cape 9. Crop Denim Jacket

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