A few weeks ago now I had my tarot cards read. It was an impromptu thing at a party (shout out to Liv and Ben!). Given it was only weeks after giving my notice, of course, I wanted to know how my business would go. How would it all turn out, this leap of faith I’d made? It turns out that the cards had some news for me.

There’s someone out there (possibly more than one) that are working against me. There are people, she said, working against you and doing what they can to turn the tables on your fortunes. Doing their best to sabotage what I’m doing through lies and rumours.

Before you panic, spoiler alert, they will be unsuccessful.

The fact that there’s someone out there with a laser focus on me and I have no idea they exist is laughable. Imagine handing over so much of your time and energy to tear someone down and not mean a thing to them? Talk about a waste of your talents. I think that this person (these people) should probably just focus their efforts on getting better instead. (HA. Burn).

Since that reading when I’ve mentioned the key point (there were others, about my life, relationships and more) people have mentioned that they’ve heard this or that. That sure, they’ve heard whispers of negative comments and people trying to ‘cut my grass’ with existing clients. Apparently, the cards are dead on. That’s awkward.

But here’s the thing; I choose not to focus on that.

Before I was alerted to this situation I knew very little about what other people are saying about me. I knew even less about the people pitching their wares at my clients, positioning themselves to replace me given the chance. And I was doing just fine. Great even. Better than ever and I know who I am, where I stand and what I can deliver.

A lot has changed for me in the past few years, piece by piece I’m opening up about all of that. To myself, and to you guys too. And while it has been difficult, and I feel like I was torn down and I’m rebuilding. One thing is clear; I am stronger than ever. Surer than ever. More confident, determined and carefree (in the no fucks given sense) than ever.

Let them come at me. Whether they are a real (or actually an imagined) threat, I’m ready.

If there’s one thing I know about myself now, it’s that I don’t want to work with a client that can be ‘stolen’. I think this newfound oomph comes from knowing my worth. Knowing what I bring to the table and as the old saying goes, not being afraid to eat alone.

After all, when I was a lot more involved in my blog, gaining sponsorship and working with brands, I learned a lot of those lessons the hard way. Which might be a story for another day. #BlogWars – Dun dun duuuunnnn.

What I am doing instead of worrying about these naysayers? That’s easy, I’m making plans for the blog, my business and for my life. If you read the Suger News on the weekend, you’ll know I’ve come clean about how unwell I’ve been. Right now, what’s important to me is refreshing my ideas around what I want for myself. Where do I want to be? WHO do I want to be? What to do want to do and who do I want to do it with.

I figure that if I am myself, the truest version of unique me, no one can touch me.

My friend, let me tell you, that goes for you too. With whatever you are doing and wherever you are going. Don’t let those who would plot and plan against you, even those who would tell you it can’t be done, get in the way of you doing it. Not if it’s something you really want for yourself. It’s taken me some time to figure that out so let me share the love. Fuck ’em. You’ve got this.

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