I imagine that the readers of this blog are between the ages of 20 and 40, predominately. They come here to smile and laugh along with a life being lived un-seriously {yes I made that up, I’ll tell you why at a later date}. A Suger reader is smart, savvy and know what they like. And they’re fun without being an idiot. Well, not ALL the time, anyway.

Some have families of their own and some don’t. All appreciate what they have. And they try to acknowledge it when they can. They are opening minded and opinionated. They are warm, welcoming and love to meet new people. A Suger reader is savvy with their money and generous with their time. They are leaders in their community and not always in obvious ways. Sometimes they just lead the way and others follow. They are up to big things. But what they are is as varied as they are.  

And mostly, Suger readers are loved. 
Thanks for being here. Did I miss anything!?

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