The other day for work, I slipped on some heels, tucked in my stripe Virtu top, added some necklaces and off I went. I felt pretty good. This style is my go to style. Dressy or casual, work or play, I’ll wear it. It turns out that this was one of those days in the office when I should have worn flats. I was out and about in houses {one seriously, disgusting abandoned one} and was on my feet the whole time. Gosh. But that’s the price you pay when you play the luck of the draw wearing heels to a real estate office.

Luckily these heels were pretty comfy.


Then when all that hard work stuff was over, I went with my Mum, my Aunt, their friend and Hubby to lunch. Hubby virtually never comes to lunch so it was a bit of a treat. He was hopping in his ute to leave after lunch when I realised I had my camera and it would be simple enough for him to grab some real live outfit photos. In action. So I pretended I had something for him in my car and lured him to the car park above my office.

Creeper style.

And there, in the midday sun, in full view of the general public and one of the worst car park reversing people I’ve ever seen, he grabbed these pics. The colour is crazy bright and I’m squinting even behind my sunnies, but I’m glad we took them. Here’s me, as you would see me if we ran into each other at the bank one day. Take note, my hair is a bit mad. That’s a given.

It was super glarey, what can I say!?

Top – Virtu {swapped}
Skirt – Autograph Fashion {2011}
Shoes – Torrid
Sunglasses – Mink Pink {swapped}
Necklaces – Collette Dinnigan for Lovisa

{some brand associations apply, please see my disclosure policy}

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