Oh hey there! Good morning. Saturday. How lovely, I just looooove weekends. I’m just popping into your newsfeeds, inboxes and rss feeds with a little update on all things Confident You Workbook. For a while now I thought I would take the 28 days to a more confident you series and turn it into a workbook. That was the plan Stan. Then a few people around me told me to aim bigger, to make it matter, to put a little more time and effort in and see what came out the other end.

So, always one to follow constructive advice that feels right I did.

And I’m proud to report that as of right now the Confident You Workbook {based on the original series but with LOTS more content} is at an editor. A real live grown up editor. She’s reading it, going to make sure it doesn’t sound too bloggy while continuing to sound like me and checking the spelling and grammar, OF COURSE. It probably, almost certainly needs that at very least. And holy heck that’s nerve wracking! Handing something like this over. Eeeek. Hold me.

BUT when it pops out the other end I expect there to be a pretty darn decent workbook for you all. A guide to being a more confident you. Something that will be perfect for men and women, young and old to work through and develop their confidence. Tips to being in groups, being on your own and even public speaking. It’s going to be the biggest, bestest thing I’ve ever created here.

And that makes it worth the wait. Don’t you think?

But hopefully we won’t be waiting too long! I’m too darn excited and impatient to wait too long. Because after the editor it’s going to head on over to a talented friend for some eBook magic before FINALLY being available for sale on the site and through affiliates. So watch this space. Expect something special. And as cliched and ‘been done’ as it sounds, make sure you subscribe to be kept up to date on the progress.

Update over and out. 

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