Sometimes there’s getting back on the wagon and other times there’s a series of unfortunate incidents that just prevent you from doing what it is you wanted to do. After the road trip my return to the gym sort of fit in the middle there somewhere. I was getting on the wagon after almost 2 weeks off, but there had been stuff in the way. So, a little of column A and a little from column B.

The mad part is I even packed my gym clothes and shoes to head to the gym while I was staying at Dani’s house. I knew she was curious about what we got up to at the gym and was looking forward to having someone to work out WITH. I turns out that while I could have been exercising I was napping.

I blame the cold thing I had.

And laziness.

And a decent helping of holiday road trip spirit.

I walked back through the door of the gym this morning and it was weird. Weird to be back, weird to be there SO early. Okay, it wasn’t that early. It was weird to be home and doing the things I did before. Again. Like I said on Facebook, my sneakers even felt weird. Maybe it was just being IN sneakers after weeks in either heels or flip flops. Despite ALL the weird, I got back into it, of course. Treadmill was probably the hardest part.

It can be so boring, right? Just walking along.

Anyway, update completed. I’m back baby.

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