When I spotted this dress in the Virtu Winter catalogue I imagined it with tights and tan boots. A heavy cable knit cardie and cool Winter days. It turns out though, that I live in Queensland and I’d be waiting for a while for a day like that to wear it. So instead this weekend I put it on with some tan flats, a high messy bun and made a day of it.

Later as the day turned cold I added my blue leggings from the last post and switched to black flats. Before that happened I popped out into my cousin’s yard, under the brightest blue skies and sunniest sun that Queensland hs to offer and took some photos. i was trying out my new camera remote. I need some practice, apparently…

What you can’t see here is the elasticised sleeves that balloon out a little {I have the scrunched}. So cute. Actually, do you remember the dress Reese Witherspoon wears in Sweet Home Alabama the night she goes to the local fair and dances. It reminds me of that. It talks to the little bit country girl inside me. The light floral pattern, warm colours and soft fabric. Heck, it makes me want to line dance. I do think I need some tan boots though. Cowboy boots. Don’t you think?


A close up of the cute pattern.

Dress gifted to me by Virtu as per my disclosure policy. 

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