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Welcome back to my latest post for Target Australia. And it’s not even all about the Gok range. You’ve all seen the ads, right? It’s pretty fab looking stuff! But when I popped into the store my plan was still to style a single item two ways like previously but I got, errrr, distracted by all the pretty shiny things. The clothes are lovely {some items up to a size 20} what really grabbed my attention was the bags and accessories!

I left it for a while and went for a look through the MODA range. While a lot of the stock at the Maroochydore store is being cleared out {on sale too} I noticed some new items and focused my attention on them. These pants and my current addiction for all things peg pants were a perfect match. I planned a work style post based around them.

Casual workwear because you guys seem to LOVE fresh ideas for work clothes.

I decided to head back to the bags and pick up a few more items to style up the work style look. On the way I grabbed a tank {planning on layering it} and some black wedges to add to my ever-growing collection of wedges. SO comfortable and easy to wear. Anyway, soon I was again faced with a great wall of pretty, shiny things and it was decision time!

And with a monochrome theme chosen, I really didn’t have to debate any more, the black and white bag was coming home with me! I swiped my gift cards and happily went about my evening {watching The Heat with my cousins and Aunt – OMG SO GOOD}. I forgot all about my shopping haul in the boot of the car until this weekend when I decided I wanted to wear the pants. Cue mad searching and throwing together of outfits and I was done. You can tell it’s been a rush when my hair is in a bun.

Hair up, bam. Done!

Weekend style it was as at the last-minute I threw the essentials into the new bag {I’m pretty sure there’s still a silica sachet floating around in there}, grabbed the camera and off we went. Workstyle had been ditched in favour of this fun and funky outfit. Depending on your office, you could absolutely throw a blazer or cardigan over it and wear it anyway. But for me, this is a casual weekend style at it’s best. Thank god for wedges.

Singlet Top
MODA Patterned Peg Pants
Black Wedges
Slouchy Handbag {similar}


Weekend style tips

  • Wear fabrics that won’t crush. Ironing on weekends is a no-no.
  • Casual doesn’t have to mean frumpy or boring.
  • Add a blazer to your jeans and t-shirt combo and rack up some style bonus points.
  • Keep it simple. On the weekend fussy is just not welcome.
  • Have some fun! The weekends are made for having a good time, start with your outfit.
  • Maxi skirts and dresses are awesome for low fuss style. Layer on a scarf, a cardigan and
  • Use the trends you love but in a more casual way {looser, lighter, less trying}.


What do you wear on the weekends?

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