The tradition of stalking Liv’s wardrobe continues with this deep blue Lane Bryant dress. I wore it to work yesterday with some tights and heels. When I got home Hubby wanted to grab a few things from the shops and maybe get some dinner. So I sorted out my hair and decided for our evening out and about I’d wear some ankle boots with the dress instead. After all boots season is pretty much over here in Queensland and I’m going to miss them terribly. A final fling perhaps.

And do you want to guess where these photos are taken?

In front of a still open Lincraft because the pretty purple walls were too hard to resist. Ha. I really am getting over my whole posing for photos in public thing. Sort of. I did get a little weird when a young dude came past to put rubbish in the bin. But good. Hubby is much better at it than I am. He has no fear that man. He just does whatever he wants when he wants. He’s the perfect Confident You role model for all of us. Life’s about having lots of fun, mostly. Let’s do this thing!

Can we talk for a moment about the whole wearing ankle boots with thick legs thing. I used to be pretty anti the ankle boots. I used to worry about a lot of things. But I like the style, I think the look has this country, girlie sort of feel to it. I like it. So these days I wear it. A lot! This season I picked up these black boots and a pair of nude ones. They have barely left my feet all season. With and without stockings and tights, with maxi’s and short dress, jeans or whatever else. The only thing I haven’t worn them with is shorts. That’s only because I couldn’t find any shorts!

The moral of this story? Wear what you like. It’s fun and those that matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter! Right?

Blazer – Basque Woman at MYER {similar}
Dress – Lane Bryant {borrowed – similar}
Necklace – Swapped
Boots – Target {gifted}


Breaking all the fashion rules, how do you do it?


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