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Tonight we had dinner to farewell one of my work colleagues. She’s moving with her family to the pointy end of this fair state and we went out to drink wine and eat pizza to celebrate this big change for her. Well. I drank wine, the others had a glass or two. I drank wine because did you hear I’ve given up my beloved diet coke? Well I have. Special occasions aside, I no longer consume soda like that because my teeth are going to fall out of my head if I don’t stop…

Or that’s the theory.

It was a fun night. We got a chat to chat and get to know each other better in a way that just doesn’t happen when you’re at work. Too busy. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I told them about our weekend and how as I wrapped up some work on Saturday night I looked over to say to Hubby that we should head out for a few hours only to find that he was snoring his head off.

I told them the story of not washing my hair this morning because it was too darn cold. It’s only day three but my hair really needs it. I promised myself last night that I would absolutely wash it in the morning. My fringe would look better not slept on anyway I reasoned. Lazy girl winter long hair problems. Then this morning, as Hubby predicted it was too cold to even consider a shower. And my house is air-conditioned. Did you know that it was -1 degrees here today. Sheesh. So much for winter being over. Maybe I taunted it too much.

Probably. We chatted and laughed and shared stories and it reminded me about the writing side of this blog and how much I enjoy that side of things. All over again. On the way home as we grabbed me a takeaway coffee and I ran to my colleague in the car ahead in the drive thru to show off my new EPIC t-shirt, I realised you have to have a life to write about life. You have to get out there, do stuff, see people and enjoy life. Otherwise it’s just too all in your head. So there you go, there’s my random blog tip of the month {year!?}.

You’re welcome. And good night!

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