Last week I went to Sydney to walk the catwalk. The World’s Longest Catwalk actually. And of course I put together an outfit for my wandering before and after. Something bright and nautical, of course, for the harbour side city. And I always didn’t get photos. But you see I have this amazing friend, with an amazing camera, who needed a few photos taken herself. The fabulous Danimezza. And so, since we were there. {So were Hayley and Kelly – Hi ladies!} then I might as well say cheeese, right? And I’m really, really glad I did.

I have this thing about blazers at the moment. The brighter the better. Striped is good too. Or pastels, they’re good. I’m a little obsessed with blazers. I think that sometimes a trend comes along that just works for you. The coloured blazer thing absolutely works for me. With a wardrobe full of black clothes the coloured blazer thing just makes it all that much more exciting. Especially when you roll up the sleeves. But then I think I might be preaching to the choir, right? You guys have already jumped on board. Hands up who has a coloured blazer?

So now let’s talk about these shoes! A cute little flat from Emerson for BigW {again, I know, I need to shop further afield}. they cost me less than $20, have a comfortable cushioned sole {unlike the $9 flats} and cute tassels on the bows. What’s not to love, right? They also come in pink and orange but my store had ONE pair of size 11’s and left them behind. When I went back to get them, another big footed fashion lover had already swooped them up and made they hers {or his, perhaps, always a possibility with large feet}. dont’ they just add the BEST colours to this outfit. And it matches almost perfectly with this hand made necklace by Amanda Fuller.

Remind me to move to Sydney so Dani and I can do this all the time.

Blazer – Crossroads

Top – Lily & Lou for Best and Less

Necklace – Amanda Fuller Designs {gifted}

Skirt – Virtu {gifted – sold out but try this one}

Shoes – Emerson for BigW

Bag – ASOS

{refer to my disclosure policy for more information}

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