Well, it went and happened. I expected it a little. For a while now I have been noticing that it’s happening. My hair grows out lighter than it was before. At first, I thought that perhaps it just shows up lighter because of the darker shade I’m wearing it now. I was a natural blonde too. So it could’ve been that. But it’s not. I investigated. I got my cousins and hairdresser Bec to investigate. It’s true. I have numerous grey hairs. It looks like, I’m going grey.


I’m not even thirty.


The only thing that made me feel a little bit better about that was that Bec has greys too. And she’s two and half years younger than I am. I just realised I didn’t ask her if I could tell you guys that. Whoops. Hopefully, it’s ok. She seemed pretty casual about it. A lot of people aren’t. I thought I would be but I kind of wasn’t. It made my stomach flip. Like oh my goodness, it IS true, I AM getting older.


Holy cow.


I’ve always, always said that I refuse to whine or complain about getting older. I’ve seen way too many people taken before their time, way too young most of them, to EVER complain about being alive long enough to have wrinkles, grey hair or be considered oooooold. I still feel this way. 100 and 50 billion per cent. I was not going to allow a few {actually a heap} of grey hairs change that.

But wow, did it push some of my buttons. I couldn’t have grey hair, I don’t even have kids yet! I can’t have grey hair I haven’t been to Italy yet! I can’t have grey hair because grey hair is for old people I can’t be old yet? Not yet. Not me. That was the general theme of things. The but wait, I haven’t of it is what struck me. Sure some of those things I have no real control over {lesson learnt universe, lesson learnt} but some I do.

So maybe those grey hairs are going to kick me into action. Again. Re-kick me into action. It’s a reminder that time keeps on moving and if I keep waiting then sooner or later my time will be up. Whether I have grey hair or not. And sometimes these things are sent to us to remind us. That and apparently going grey young is from my mother’s side. But you know, that’s less motivational, right? But really. It’s time, right. Action. Kicked. Etc.


Nothing like a grey hair revelation!


Am I the only one that thinks it’s a little ridiculous that ‘My Hair’ has its own category on this blog? I’m not? Good. 

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