I have been considering lately taking my red, black and grey kitchen, dining, living space and overhauling it with a navy and white theme, with yellow accents. Putting it simply, yellow calls to me. And we all know how much I adore a good stripe. The idea came to me because of this throw blanket from Ikea.

We still need a new couch, so I want to decide by sometime this year whether to get a dark navy or a black couch. I want a big squichy couch and a funky chair or two. Places to kick back and relax. Other spots to sit up and talk. More spots to lay around and read. It could mean we say goodbye to the retro couch.But I’m sure we’ll find her a good home. Hubby thinks we could get the cushion redone. Again. I’m not so sure.

So with all of this in mind, I’m wondering, where would you start setting a budget for that. We aren’t going to need to paint or buy any non-chair related furniture {we will need to re-home the red leather dining chairs too}. Everything else will stay.

Hubby says it depends on the couch. He’s probably right. Any ideas?

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