Most people don’t know a lot of bloggers. Maybe one or two. But not me, I have an entire Girl Gang of blog ladies. Lots of fun, a great laugh and some of us even sit around the same clothes size which means, HELLO CLOTHES SWAPPING. And yes, I was shouting. Excited.

During my weekend in Melbourne in March I spent some time with the team at 17 Sundays in their office before meeting up with the girls I was staying with later that evening laden down with some new season stuff. Monochrome sporty fabulous stuff.

The next day as the media/press event kicked off, after a few short delays at our hotel (ha!), the Divine Ms Liv, Nat the Darling of XL as Life and I decided to combine our sporty goodness and rock out most of the pieces at once. Yes I said rock out, but come on, these photos are the best. Don’t you agree?

curvy couture roadshow suger coat it-101

To check out my posts while I was at The Curvy Couture Road Show head on over to this one with my favourite photos and this one about the blogger brunch. It has just occurred to me this very minute that I didn’t share my outfit from the night. Whoops. Remind me to get on that.

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